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We'll Beat Any Competitive Offer, Guaranteed!

Lowest Solar Power Price Guarantee - How it Works?

Sunipod offers you a great price on quality solutions. Making power from solar cost effective.

If you find a lower price on a comparable solution, Sunipod will Beat That Price, Guaranteed!

In order to be eligible for the guarantee, you must present a written price estimate or offer, signed and stamped on the solution provider's official letterhead. Written estimate must be submitted no later than fifteen business days after the customer signs the purchase order with Sunipod, or fifteen days prior to the installation date of the solution by Sunipod, whichever is earlier. Minimum Sunipod order of at least Rs.5,00,000 required. Sunipod will accept only one price estimate per customer and per competitor.

Competitor's offer must be dated within 30 calendar days prior to the date customer signs a purchase order with Sunipod. Offer must be a written estimate from an engineering turnkey solution provider, and include all dimensions, system specifications including equipment to be installed, upgrades, installation fees, discount/promotional pricing and other offers. Offer excludes any rebates or tax credits.

Product must be same or similar quality and style including equivalent system size ratings under applicable Test Condition production ratings and inverter efficiency ratings.

Offer excludes additional labor required as a result of change orders or structural issues discovered during installation.


Sunipod will not match competitors' bonus or free offers, special offers, rebates, financing offers, clearance or closeout prices, or installation specials. Offer is not available to Sunipod's employees, and Sunipod independent contractors.

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Sunipod'll Beat Any Competitive Offer, Guaranteed for Solar Photovoltaic Systems!.
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