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Sunipod provides solar power plants in India that use high efficiency photovoltaic (PV) and power electronics technology to directly convert sunlight in to electricity. Solar power plants or solar power stations can be of various sizes ranging from a few Watts all the way up to several hundred MegaWatts and beyond. The size of your solar power plant depends on your application, location and of course budget.

The solar plants that have been in the news in India are large in size, built in remote locations, feeding generated power into the utility grid for a fixed tariff. However, almost everyone can have their own solar power station safely and quietly generating electricity right on their own rooftops or very close by for their own use. This reduces their dependency on electricity supplied from the grid and in turn actually reverses their increasing costs of power.

Solar Power Plant

Solar power stations on rooftops produce clean electricity usable by all appliances and equipment without the hassle of long distance transmission and distribution infrastructure.

A solar power plant can be setup on flat RCC rooftops, typical of most buildings in India. They can also be installed on sloping shed like structures built on various truss designs as well as on top of pre-engineered buildings used in warehousing.

Although each solar power station is unique there are some aspects typical to all solutions. Each system consists of solar panels that generate direct current (DC) typically fed to solar inverter(s) that converts this to useable electricity. Depending on the application the solar power station may include power storage provisions and/or provide options to interact with the utility grid. Careful selection of each component is critical based on the use profile of the generated power.

Solar Power Station

When designing a solar power plant it is important to consider the application for which it will be supplying electricity. A quality solar solution should provide maximum amount of power with minimum possible system losses and little to no interference to existing electrical wiring. Also the power generated from the solar plant should be fed to run any and all Alternating current (AC) equipment used by the consumer. In short the installed solar power station should be as agnostic of the equipment running as possible to provide maximum benefit.

The two most popular categories for using rooftop solar power plant in India are to directly reduce electricity bills and to eliminate use of diesel generators by replacing them with solar solutions. You will find more information about each type of solution here. Ask us which system is right for you and our experts will get in touch to understand your needs and recommend the right solar energy system.

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Solar photovoltaic systems are commercially viable alternative to commerical power rates or diesel generators in India. Sunipod provide free solar consultation.
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