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Solar Inverters specifically designed for off-grid operations.

Highlights of Solar Inverters Off Grid 7.5kW

low Cost Solar Inverter Off Grid India
  • Electrical Environment Friendly
    • Galvanic isolation of DC input and AC output using output transformer specifically for off-grid installations.
    • Intelligent MPPT Tracking and charging.
    • Supports charging the batteries from grid in addition to solar charging.
  • Industry-Leading Reliability
    • Endurance tested to 20 year operating life.
    • Lowest part counts and fewest interconnects eliminate common failure points.
    • Field-proven technology.
  • Integrated AC and DC PV System Disconnect
    • As per UL 98 Standard for use with input strings.
    • NEC Compliant internal wire raceway enables side-by-side mounting.
    • Direct-to-wall surface enclosure design allows for easy access and installation.
  • State-of-the-art display
    • Complete view of inverter operation.
  • Easy Installation
    • Factory integrated inverter and PV System Disconnect eliminates the need for extra equipment.
    • Integrated disconnect reduces conduit connection points saving installation time and material cost.
    • Field-configurable positive/negative ground applications.
    • Optimally placed knockouts for a variety of conduit routing options.
  • Installer-Focused Support
    • No special purchase requirements to get the best technical support in the industry.
    • Technical phone support.
    • Economical performance monitoring options.

Applications of Solar Inverters Off Grid 7.5kW

Our Solar Applications Engineer starts with the Proposal for Solar Energy Projects including a detailed site survey, shading study and requirements assessment to provide you with indicative financial estimates.

Specifications of Solar Inverters Off Grid 7.5kW

Specifications for Low Cost Solar Inverters
  • In situations where solar off-grid inverters are required to operate for dusk to dawn, Sunipod Off-Grid Inverters can be customized to provide such output.

  • Three Phase Solar Inverters can be provided on request.

Inverters for Solar Panels

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High-efficiency 7.5kW Off Grid Solar Inverters manufactured for unique Indian conditions. For cost effective solutions visit Sunipod.
Manufactured by: Sunipod
Model: OFG-7.5
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