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Solar Inverters specifically designed for off-grid operations.

Highlights of Solar Inverters Off Grid 2.5kW

Best Solar Inverters Off Grid
  • Electrical Environment Friendly
    • Galvanic isolation of DC input and AC output using output transformer specifically for off-grid installations.
    • Intelligent MPPT Tracking and charging.
    • Supports charging the batteries from grid in addition to solar charging.
  • Industry-Leading Reliability
    • Endurance tested to 20 year operating life.
    • Lowest part counts and fewest interconnects eliminate common failure points.
    • Field-proven technology.
  • Integrated AC and DC PV System Disconnect
    • As per UL 98 Standard for use with input strings.
    • NEC Compliant internal wire raceway enables side-by-side mounting.
    • Direct-to-wall surface enclosure design allows for easy access and installation.
  • State-of-the-art display
    • Complete view of inverter operation.
  • Easy Installation
    • Factory integrated inverter and PV System Disconnect eliminates the need for extra equipment.
    • Integrated disconnect reduces conduit connection points saving installation time and material cost.
    • Field-configurable positive/negative ground applications.
    • Optimally placed knockouts for a variety of conduit routing options.
  • Installer-Focused Support
    • No special purchase requirements to get the best technical support in the industry.
    • Technical phone support.
    • Economical performance monitoring options.

Applications of Solar Inverters Off Grid 2.5kW

Our Solar Applications Engineer starts with the Proposal for Solar Energy Projects including a detailed site survey, shading study and requirements assessment to provide you with indicative financial estimates.

Besides inverters our solar power system design includes key considerations on Solar Module Panels that will maximize generation, Solar Panel Mounting Systems that optimize roof space, array configuration to boost Solar Combiner Box output, sufficient Solar Cell Batteries for power banking and ideal location for the installation of Automatic Weather Stations.

Specifications of Solar Inverters Off Grid 2.5kW

Best Solar Inverters Specifications
  • In situations where solar off-grid inverters are required to operate for dusk to dawn, Sunipod Off-Grid Inverters can be customized to provide such output.

  • Three Phase Solar Inverters can be provided on request.

Inverter Manufacturers India

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High-efficiency 2.5kW Off Grid Solar Inverters manufactured for unique Indian conditions. For cost effective solutions visit Sunipod.
Manufactured by: Sunipod
Model: OFG-2.5
9.8 out of 10 based on 215 reviews

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