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Rural Electrification

Rural Electrification - Surya Uday Yojana

Solar energy for rural electrification. According to the Ministry of Power figures, some 100,000 Indian villages out of a total of 600,000 are yet to be electrified. Almost 40 per cent of the country's population, most of which lives in the villages, is still deprived of reliable supply of electricity. The conventional power system, with large power plants connected to electricity grids, has failed to reach the last mile across vast pockets of the rural regions. Even where electrification has been officially achieved, the supply is erratic and inadequate. Given this grim picture, solar lighting and power generation systems have emerged as a boon for scores of people across villages.

Rural Electricity for India

Surya Uday Yojana's Purpose is Electricity in Rural India

Surya-Uday Yojana is Sunipod's initiative to work with individual donors, businesses with a corporate social responsibility (CSR) outreach programs and green mandates. We also work with various social, governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGO) to help provide a sustainable source of cheap light and power to those that are devoid of it. The yojana thus promotes locally generated and distributed power enabling freedom from the grid.

The mission of Surya-Uday Yojna is the provision of lamps, and go one step further. We believe that a truly developmental view needs to be taken towards village electrification. The difference between providing a lamp and making electricity available for the population is pivotal to our approach. This approach allows the rural community to go beyond the regular scope of activities and to vastly expand their horizons which themselves are limited due to the lack of electricity. Rather than training select members of the community to become "green or solar entrepreneurs" Surya-Uday Yojna gives the whole population a tool to realize their complete potential in any field they feel fit.

Work With Surya Uday Yojana

If you are in individual working for a corporate house we can help you raise awareness and funds for village lighting and electrifications projects in your company. If you are a socially responsible corporate house with an environmental commitment we will work with you to structure a corporate outreach programs to provide cheap, healthy and sustainable power and lighting solutions in the villages. If you are an NGO looking for a partner to work with you, Surya-Uday Yojna will collaborate with you on small-to-mid sized Solar Power Generation Systems for Rural Electrification.

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Talk to a Yojna facilitator at +91-22-6464-9090 or contact us at today and change the face of our nation one village at a time.

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For rural electrification in India, Surya-Uday Yojana is Sunipod's initiative to work with individual donors, businesses. For more information visit Sunipod.
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