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This is an excerpt from Sunipod’s Free EBook: The Good and The Goodwill: Benefits of Solar for Smart Businesses.

This EBook describes how using source of power like solar not only has techno-commercial benefits but also how smart businesses can create goodwill while inspiring others in their peers and community with their story.

Environmental Benefits of Commercial Solar:

Value of a Solar Lighting System

By reducing the use of electricity from the grid, generated using fossil-fueled resources like coal, gas and diesel, a commercial sized solar photovoltaic system significantly reduces the amount of harmful greenhouse gas emissions resulting from regular businesses operations.

By understanding these benefits of solar energy and by deploying a commercial size solar photovoltaic system, businesses can make smart investments in their own sustainability and the environment for generations to come. Solar power one of the cleanest sources of electricity. Being the only non-turbine or motor/engine based source of electricity, it is also the most silent of all power generation technologies. By using green energy resources like solar PV all smart and forward thinking institutions signal to the market that they taking an active role in saving the environment and helping the community – while making their operations more cost efficient.

By going solar, businesses demonstrate that they know what solar energy is and that they are environmentally aware and responsible. Local community, customers, peers, employees, and investors are more likely to work with organizations who adopt a practice of using sustainable solar power.

Solar Lighting System

Green Power from Sustainable Solar Energy:

Solar will not only save the money for the business, but use of renewable solar power is just what our nature needs. It is important to understand that solar power unlike conventional sources of electricity generation like thermal, hydro, nuclear etc, which are a major cause of problems like smog, acid rain and global warming, the use of solar produces no air, water or noise pollution.

Solar power, on the other hand, is infinite, clean, and renewable power. In fact, a typical 25 kW photovoltaic installation reduces 23,800 kg of carbon dioxide emissions (a major cause of global warming) from entering the air we breathe every year. It’s like planting 15,260 trees over its lifetime. These and other harmful emissions would otherwise have been generated when using black thermal coal, natural gas and other limited resources. When depleting energy resources are used to generate electricity, they emit toxic gases into the air causing pollution, resulting in global climate change.

Power systems using solar collect clean energy stored in sunlight and turn it into a source of abundant power for business. When a smart business uses it as a primary power source for operations, it helps combat global climate change and reducing our collective dependence on imported oil gas or coal.

Building Goodwill with Solar Energy:

Solar Lights - Benefits

There are many advantages of commercial solar. Not only will the decision to go solar help the environment, but with the right public relation and promotions, your stakeholders will give you the credit you deserve. Ask your solar system provider how.

Using solar, your business or institution, can differentiate itself as smarter, greener and more profitable than competitors who don’t. Being perceived as progressive also helps improve positioning within the industry. While others sit on the fence still waiting to take the plunge, forward thinking institutions will improve stakeholder relations by attracting environmentally conscious associations and forward thinking customers along with smarter employees who believe in sustainable business.

Historically solar has accounted for less than one percent of the energy consumed by businesses worldwide. However thanks to financial viability and fast spreading awareness of solar power solutions, they are becoming more common in India. More decision makers understand this and are leading their businesses and institutions to adopt solar technology.

To learn more get our free eBook ‘The Good and The Goodwill: Benefits of Solar for Smart Businesses’. You can learn how the institutional use of green solar electricity does good for the environment, creates value and awareness within the community and generates great goodwill for the users. Download for free now.

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Learn about solar lights and Solar Lighting System and providers like Tata BP Solar. Learn about solar lights and Solar Lighting System and providers like Tata BP Solar.
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