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Solar Power Generation – Why Electrical Energy and Facility Managers Should Care.

by Abhishek Gupta

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Smart Managers Understand Solar Power Generation

Smart Managers Understand Solar Power Generation

Globally, businesses are adapting to solar power generation to lower their cost of power, their dependence on diesel generators and as a most-effective way to reduce their carbon footprint all while generating great goodwill . Governments are offering subsidies and incentives promoting it. Smart electrical and facility managers know that the importance of electrical energy generated by solar power go beyond the obvious cost savings. Managers with expertise in solar power are considered new age and are trying to gain as much experience as possible in solar power generation.

So, what is causing all this interest in captive solar? In this article, we analyze why energy and facility managers are taking solar power generation so seriously.

Demand for Low Cost Electrical Energy

Any business, whether it’s a micro business or a large enterprise, looks to reduce its expenditure and increase its profits. Among large enterprises, this becomes even more demanding as small differences have significant effects. As the competition becomes global, the margins get thinner and the need for low cost solutions increases.

One major problem businesses in India face is that electrical energy is either unreliable or expensive. This forces them to use diesel generators for backup power generation, which are not only highly expensive but also harmful to the environment, other times they are already paying high power tariffs. This extra cost incurred by them for power generation, puts them behind other global competitors. This is the reason why businesses are on the constant look out for alternative energy solutions.

Solar power generation offers the best solution to businesses for replacing their diesel gen sets, and also lowers their dependence on expensive grid electricity. Electrical energy generated by solar power is cheaper than that generated using diesel. Solar power generation also lowers dependence on the grid and lowers electricity bills because. Remember that after the short payback period, the power generated for its considerable life is free!

Solar Power Generation – Growing Awareness

The merits of generating electrical energy from solar power have a widespread reach. Organizations are getting smarter about the quality, consistency and predictability of solar power generation right from the initial stages into the long term.

Solar power can be generated really well at almost all locations in India. Also, solar electrical energy can be applied in any sector that uses electricity. Due to this reason, everywhere in the world, businesses and institutions are applying solar electrical energy in their energy mix. This further creates a demand for institutions in India to switch to solar power generation to remain globally competitive. The high potential for solar power in India because of its convenient location near the equator and above average solar irradiation gives the institutions incorporating solar electrical energy in India a definite edge over their global competitors.

Using Solar Power Generation as CSR Initiatives

Increased anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions have led to an increase in global warming and climate change. Public and corporate awareness about such issues has increased and people are advocating for the use of alternative sources of electrical energy.

Consumers perceive businesses adapting to renewable energy sources for power generation as socially responsible and choose such organizations over others. Businesses also realize the importance of green perception as it increases both talent and customer acquisition and retention. This pushes businesses to incorporate renewable energy such as solar power generation in their energy mix to show their true commitment to the society.

Cheap Electrical Energy - Great CSR Program

Cheap Electrical Energy – Great CSR Program

Demand for Hands-on Expertise in Solar Power Generation

The awareness about solar power generation and the demand for low cost solutions has led to an increase in the demand for solar experts. Businesses are seeking forward-looking managers who are acquainted with the latest technological trends. Energy and facility managers who understand the solar power generation technology and have experience in using solar power generation solutions have an edge over others, and are preferred by organizations. Businesses perceive such energy and facility managers as modern and technologically adept, and seek for their recommendations on the long-term impact of alternative energy on business economics.

Demand for Hands-on Solar Power Generation Experts

Demand for Hands-on Solar Power Generation Experts

Due to the rising prices of electricity and its unreliability, consumers are in desperate need for alternative solutions and as a result, customer demand for solar power and expertise in solar power generation has increased.

Apart from this, environmental concerns are increasing, and socially conscious customers and businesses are searching for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Hence professionals and experts with knowledge and experience in generating electrical energy from solar power generation are in demand.

All this demand compels electrical and facility managers to educate themselves and acquire knowledge and proficiency in solar power generation.

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  • manzoor ahmed

    I’m seeing a bright and sunny future of solar electrivity system(ses)

  • Vikas

    Yes, actually, businesses will eventually gravitate towards using solar power. They already have a ton of reasons to do that.

  • bill

    am recently qualified solar pv installer and looking for work placement.
    any ideas which companies can offer me valuable placement?

  • M Subbamurthy

    Actually Bill, Depending on what area you are located in you should be able to find a lot of registered solar integrators to work with. Best shot is to hook up with your local ASES Society here at

  • Bill

    Thanks M Subbamurthy