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Solar Energy in India

Sunipod is a solar energy company in India manufacturing equipment and engineering solutions for solar power generation. Our products are suitable for Indian weather and grid conditions and our solutions make adoption of solar power, techno-commercially viable everywhere.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) power systems have been around for decades. Using solar energy to generate your own clean power makes more economic sense today than ever.

No matter what we use as a source of fossil energy, turbine based power generation technology – coal, gas, oil, diesel; they are all finite and their prices will only rise over the long term.

Every building whether home, industry, institution or commercial establishment can generate solar power by installing rooftop solar PV solutions. These solutions are the techno-commercial alternatives, providing inflation proof, cheaper solar power from the day they are installed to the next 25 years.

In India, electricity prices have historically risen anywhere from 6% to 20% annually for the last decade. Being a solar power company in India, solar power adoption is critical for the industrial and commercial segments due to the increasing tariff levels and persistent power deficit which directly impacts operational costs and thus profit margins. Since most commercial, industrial and institutional consumers use most of their power during the day time, solar power can be effectively meet this consumption with its natural energy generation profile as seen below.

Solar Power Generation

Estimates peg the total addressable rooftop solar market in India to be around 240 GW. Of this total rooftop and captive solar market potential in India is forecasted at 8.5 GW by 2016-17.

As the map of annual global horizontal irradiation (GHI), the kind of sunlight required for solar PV, makes clear - almost every state in India is blessed with high solar potential, especially as compared to Western European countries that have taken the lead in solar PV deployment. Additionally, the cost of conventional power-generation and transmission is very high in India making solar power an even more attractive option.

Solar Energy in India

What does all this mean for you? Simply put, a 1000 sq ft of your rooftop area could generate Rupees 2-3 Lakhs in savings on your electricity bills every year. Ask us how and you may never have to worry about the increasing cost of electricity for the next 25 years, which makes a lot of economic sense.

Sunipod is pioneering solar energy innovation in India by manufacturing high-tech, on grid and off grid solar power equipment for commercial and industrial applications. Being a vertically integrated manufacturer and service provider means, that we work with you from providing appropriate solution recommendations to installing and maintaining optimized systems on your rooftops using our best-in-class solar products. Sunipod is a full-service solar PV project developer and installer serving business and institutional users of power.

Our solar power plants offer a lower cost alternative to diesel generator thereby reducing diesel operating costs. Our solar power stations provide a financially sound alternative to reduce electric bills for institutional customers.

Some of the advantages of a Sunipod Solution over a Grey Market System are:

Right System type: Sunipod’s systems are engineered for Indian grid conditions and are suitable for Indian operations, whereas grey market integrators sell sub-standard generic equipment.

Top-Quality: Our integrated systems are tested, optimized and customized to deliver unmatched performance compared to individually aggregated mismatching equipment that fails to deliver.

Modularity: Our solutions adapt to your growing business and are designed to be easy to move, reinstall and grow with you as opposed to solutions that become rigid and cumbersome to relocate.

Solar Modules: Sunipod only provides its own high quality, high efficiency Poly-Crystalline modules where as traders are compelled to provide sub-standard poor quality panels with downgraded cells.

Solar Inverters: Our high efficiency solar inverters set the standard for maximizing power generation, where as others struggle with lower uptime and system inefficiencies.

Regular Monitoring: You can monitor your systems performance and maintain performance logs. Other vendors do not provide monitoring keeping you guessing about your system’s health.

Mounting Structures: Our corrosion and rust proof, high quality structures are optimized to maximize rooftop coverage power generation compared to poor quality pipes and locally fabricated structures forced to fit together.

Failsafe: Sunipod’s system design isolates any electrical problems and disallows transference to your equipment whereas other systems may actually expose them and your business to risk.

Professional Installation: Our team ensures no drilling on rooftop for zero leakages and quick no-interruptions deployment, keeps your business running compared to inexperienced local contractors messing your rooftop and your work flow.

Safety and security: Sunipod’s Safety prioritization allows for a tidy system easy to clean and less prone to accidents while unclean local installers mean high disaster rates and reduced system life.

Commissioning and testing: Our expert team performs thorough installation testing and commissions the system with your attestation; while under equipped installers are incapable to check accurate system performance.

System cost: With Sunipod’s affordable unmatched pricing, what-you-see-is-what-you-get with no hidden costs or undisclosed system inefficiencies that make for an expensive and frustrating system.

Warranty: Strong warranty programs provide peace of mind, extended warranties offer complete protection of your investment. Third party warranties whereas leave your system exposed to risks.

Customer support: Sunipod provides pan-India quick 24X7 free support with issue logging and tracking; meaning customer support team provides complete hand holding from start to finish. Other system integrators have no customer support team for issue tracking.

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